More than the temperature is heating up along our coast and shorelines this spring. From beach condos to 3 bedroom ranch homes in Daphne's mega-subdivision of Lake Forest, sales are happening. Some categories are really depleted of inventory and that means that prices are rising. Year over year price increases of 10%+ seem to be the norm for all the housing categories.

That is good news for sellers but it is good news for buyers as well because rising prices are going to continue so you can still purchase on the ascending curve.

Let’s look at what is happening here to help this growth….

Airbus: Sure it is in Mobile but the impact on the eastern shore in the short term and impact to our beach real estate in the long term will be significant. 1500 to 3000 families will be here from that company along and a lot them will buying homes on the eastern side of the bridge and future vacation places along our beautiful beaches.

The winter of 2014: Well even though we were colder than normal, we did not have 6 or 8 or 10 weeks of continuous subfreezing temperatures or snow falls measured in feet (or in inches for that matter). I have had more new clients from Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, even the northeast which is usually not a strong market for us, looking down here because they just don’t want to spend another winter up there.  

Blue Collar Country: Jokes aside about a resort based on comedy team, think more Branson or Dollywood and you will get an idea of the kind of economic impact this kind of attraction can have. Not only will bring tens of thousands of visitors to area in our off season and adding to our reasons to visit during the summer, it will also product hundreds of year around jobs. It’s a major deal and just one of the new projects coming to our area over the next 36 months.

Convention Center: Last month the Governor Bentley said he was tired of seeing state conventions have to go to Sandestin or Biloxi to hold there conventions. We are, too. And we are delighted that he reinforced his pledge during that speech at our Coastal Alabama Business Chamber’s First Friday Forum. A new convention center along our coast will be a huge boon to business, to occupancies, to off season business and to helping to introduce more and more people to the beauty of Coastal Alabama.

That’s the highlights….so come on down, find new home and a new start, find a vacation home or condo along our beaches or waterways, find that “tweener” spot that will be there when you are ready to retire but that you get a chance now to use and enjoy…whatever the reason, from Perdido Key to Spanish Fort, from Fairhope to Lillian, I bet you can find here our very special, wildly diverse and uniquely attractive area.